About Us

Global Caterering and Hospitality is "The King of the Test" defines everything about test, we believe in Test. The Quality,Test and Excellent services are our purpose; we experience what our Customers need. We have many years in this region to markin any kind of Meal and services for the Catering and Restaurant own self. This experience proves our uniqueness & skills inspired by a keen desire to possess a catering set up of own. Over the last few years of experience of catering across the Vadodara.


Momentous Moment aims to provide quality service with a wide range of menu selections, food quality that will surpass the distinct taste of our client, well planned program and competent work force.


Momentous Moment will be one among the best in providing catering services and event planning in the country. A company that will compete fairly in the catering trade and establish its name in the society.