Our Services

Industrial Catering

Our Qualified chefs are specialized in providing freshly prepared food with standard hygiene level to prepare food with natural herbs and spices and follow SOP to provide a perfect specialized taste with perfect presentation onsite. We personally take care of food hygiene and quality and quantity of food to support industrial employees to stay heathy. We plan and systemize our process so the industrial work will not face any error by our side. We always take care to fulfill company’s expectation to run the operation smooth with varieties of food and advance menu planning.


In hospital catering we have special chef to making the patient food according to the guidance from doctors and dietitians. We are making all types of patient’s food with patient’s dietary systems for example= diabetic, sfd, celiac, ndd etc. As we understand the value of performing a role if we have to provide catering services in hospital as its critical and we understand its importance and it’s also very important for the hospitals to take care of patient food.so we play our role with our systemized planning to operate our work with proper planning to offer our best services to share work by providing a standard hygiene food with quality and look after for patient’s need to help them to get well soon.


We also provide catering for indoor mess and event catering specially for school accordingly there needs and requirement. We have specially trained staff for school catering and skilled persons for supervise and manage hygiene with perfect taste and standard to manage the same. Specialist in Children menu.


We are specialized to cater in outdoor and indoor catering with latest advance utensils along with proper hygiene standard by our well trained staff. We undertake everything from complete food preparation to presentation part as well with serving staff in GCHS uniform with proper grooming standards. WE GIVE OUR CLIENTS THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENJOY THE EVENT BY TAKING CARE PREPARING & SERVING FOOD.


GCHS (Global Catering & Hospitality Services) is providing pack lunch to your door steps and includes paneer preparation, vegetable preparation, dal preparation, rice, roti, sweet, salad, pickle & papad with packing by full hygiene and prepared by a standard SOP.